Vivek ramaswamy refused to Back away for Supporting DONALD TRUMP

Ramaswamy responded by saying, “Just as I expect him to vote for me when I’m the nominee,” emphasizing the democratic nature of the U.S. electoral process. He concluded by expressing his concern about the state of political culture in the country, stating, “I think that the way elections work in the United States of America is that the people in a political party get to choose their nominee, and then the people from the general election get to choose their President. The fact that that’s a foreign idea shows how badly our political culture has decayed in this country.”

“I’m asking why you made the promise. Why do you think it’s okay for a convicted felon to be president?” Stephanopoulos continued.

“I think that many of these prosecutions against Donald Trump are outright, downright politicized persecutions through prosecution that set an awful precedent for our country,” Ramaswamy responded.

“I do not want to see us become a banana republic where the administrative police state uses police force to eliminate opponents from competition. That’s not the way it works. I will pick who I believe the best next president should be,” Ramamswamy further emphasised.


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